Audio-assistant for the
visually impaired

We are developing a mobile assistive technology that works exactly as a personal assistant for the blind that with simple questions, like “What’s in front of me, or describe the environment,” reads aloud the user’s surroundings

Mobile Technology

We are currently prototyping a portable solution that uses Amazon Alexa and Computer Vision to make it possible for visually impaired people to safely move around the city understanding their immediate surroundings. By having a personal assistant that's reliable, they can interpret and explore the visual world and become independent.

Amazon Alexa

Using our own Amazon Skill we interface with the user allowing them to ask questions like “What’s in front of me?” or “Can you read that to me?”

Raspberry Pi

Having our own modified Echo built with a RasPi gives us the flexibility to easily use Python scripts along Amazon Alexa requests.

3D Printing

We are testing different enclosures, wearables and supports to create something that’s comfortable and easy for everyone to use.

Amazon GPU Instances

We train and validate our computer vision models using NVIDIA DIGITS with Amazon EC2 GPU instances.


With this portable supercomputer we are prototyping a device that will give feedback from real-time streaming without taking pictures

User Centered

Only by focusing on the people can we really build something truly useful

Computer Vision

Using the latest technology we aim to provide a solution for people with sight problems to safely navigate unfamiliar environments, recognize their friends and read their favorite book aloud while it's algorithm learns and improves with time.

Feature Detection

Understand and interpret what surrounds you by recognizing what’s in an image with tags and scene description.

Face Recognition

Know who’s at the door and even if they are looking happy or not

Text Recognition

Read aloud your favorite book or even a restaurant menu

Our Team

Isabel Izquierdo

Edson Tapia

Nicolas Metallo

Nuvina Paduka vidanna

Brenda Truong

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